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[special promotion] 2 years of celebration

Book our pre-wedding/engagement package and get 10% off now.

Valid until 30 Nov 2019.

Our pre-wedding and engagement package include photo, makeup/hair, and rental dress with tuxedo that makes your photos perfectly. You can take indoor and outdoor for photo shoot now.

Check it out here:

Reasons why people take pre-wedding/engagement photos from us:

1. Flexibility of locations for photo shoot.

2. different styles of wedding dresses and tuxedo: you can try different dresses on photo shoot.

3. You don't need trial makeup for your wedding day: you can discuss and talk with our makeup artist on photo shoot, so you don't need extra cost for trial makeup for your wedding day.

4. You can show your pre-wedding/engagement photos to your guests on your wedding day. You can download photos and show them on screen by using slideshows or you can make wedding album in advance and you can display on register table.

if you are interested in our pre-wedding/engagement photoshoot, please contact us here:

Don't miss chance!

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