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Wedding day at Riverway Golf Club

One of the most important days in a couple’s life is their wedding day. It is a day that should be filled with love, laughter, and happiness. For Leon and Sharon, they found all of that on their wedding day at Riverway Golf Club.

On the wedding day, most Chinese couple does Chinese tea ceremonies. They started with door game and does various games to meet the bride before the tea ceremony.

The game originated from the ancient Chinese tradition of giving guests an auspicious welcome by opening their doors to them.

In Vancouver, many Chinese couple does tea ceremonies on the day of wedding.

Wedding photo at Riverway Golf Club before the ceremony

The wedding ceremony took place at the Riverway Golf Club, which is a beautiful country club that overlooks the golf course.

They wanted to have a ceremony that was both elegant and intimate. The Riverway Golf Club was perfect for them because it has both of those qualities.

Leon and Sharon were able to have their ceremony on an outdoor terrace overlooking one of the holes on the golf course. The setting was perfect for them because they wanted their guests to be able to enjoy nature while still being close enough to hear everything happening during their ceremony.

Wedding Reception at Riverway Golf Club after ceremony

sparklers. A sparkler-studded exit is a great way to glam up a casual wedding or add a sense of whimsy to a formal celebration. Present extra sparkler sticks in custom wrappers

Venue: Riverway Golf Club

Vancouver wedding photo: The Eunice and CO

Bridal makeup and hair: The Eunice and CO

Rental wedding dress and Tuxedo: The Eunice and CO


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