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Wedding day at The Wallace

The Wallace is a stunning wedding venue that offers couples the chance to create the perfect day for their special event. With its beautiful grounds, luxurious rooms and experienced staff, The Wallace provides an ideal backdrop for any wedding.

We provided the wedding photography coverage for 10 hours. Minna and I were hired as their wedding photographers for James and Angel. They were super kind and friendly couple.

With its stunning architecture and scenic views, Susanna Stewart events provides a unique backdrop for couples to capture beautiful memories.

From the ceremony to the reception, a photographer can ensure that each and every moment is captured so that couples can look back on it fondly in years to come.

It was a quite impressed that they used bubble teas as part of their ceremony.

Angel and James's reception at the Wallace venue:

Wedding photographer: The Eunice and Co

Wedding venue: The Wallace

Event Planner: Susanna

Event assistant: Christina

Officiant: Vancity officiant

Catering:railtown catering


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