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Wedding day at University Women's Club of Vancouver

We had a opportunity to join beautiful couple, Olivia and Ken and being part of their wedding at Hycroft venue in Vancouver. Our team takes to charge of their wedding photo and makeup and hair and their tuxedo.

Wedding date: May 20th 2018

Bride: Olivia

Groom: Ken

Location: University Women's Club of Vancouver

Photography: The Eunice & CO

Makeup and hair: The Eunice & CO

Rental Tuxedo: The Eunice & CO

Wedding planner: The Chimewedding Ltd.

More photos:

We have started from bride house to take a photos from 9:30 pm.

After makeup & hair, taking some photos, we have moved to park near her house to take a moment of their first look.

After their first look, we went to venue to prepare their moment of exchanging gift and had time to some photos at venue.

Finally actual ceremony started.

We had reception at the same place after ceremony. It was beautiful location.


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