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Jenny & Derrick (Pre-wedding)

Our pre-wedding takes at least 6 hours to 8 hours, sometimes 9 hours depending on our packages.

It was long day for Jenny and Derrick, but we were so enjoyed and happy to take their pre-wedding photos. They have tried 3 different looks, main wedding dress, mini dress, and couple suit. They were so easy-going and were like model! They have tried wedding dress at studio, tried mini dress for outdoor near the studio, and we went to Gas town for couple suit, which was awesome and looked good on this couple.

We will be part of their wedding on this August and we are so excited to work with this couple again!

Photography: The Eunice & CO

Makeup and hair: The Eunice & CO

Rental dress and tuxedo: The Eunice & CO

Styling: The Eunice & CO

Location: The Eunice & CO Studio, UBC, and Gastown in Vancouver

More photos:

Jenny and Derrick

Indoor shoot in studio

UBC with second look (Mini dress)

Gastown with couple suit

Derrick's special request photo with his car


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