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Pre-wedding for Edward & Jen

Edward & Jennifer 's Pre-wedding photos.

We had great time to work with this beautiful couple on June 2018.

We are exciting to work with them on their wedding day as well. Both of them are very friendly and easy-going. We are looking forward to take helicopter on their wedding, which is very special wedding for us too.

We took indoor and outdoor at Lerry Berg Flight Path Park and UBC (Rose garden and Irving K. Barber Learning Centre)

Photography: The Eunice & Co.

Makeup and hair: The Eunice & Co

Wedding dress and tuxedo: The Eunice & Co

Wedding accessories: The Eunice & Co

Styling by The Eunice & Co

Location: Lerry Berg Flight Path Park, UBC

Pre-wedding package with 2 different wedding dresses + tuxedo + 1 casual look with makeup indoor and outdoor

More photos:

There were request for taking picture at Lerry Berg Path Park and they sent us this reference picture as below.

Indoor photo shoot:

Outdoor at UBC


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