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Pregnancy photography

Updated: Dec 27, 2017

Methew & Kyla & Rowen

Their pregnancy photography from The Eunice & CO

We were very enjoying to have Kyla's pregnancy photo from our studio.

It was our first maternity photo session with this beautiful family and it was such an honor to get the call to photograph their maternity shoot!

I met Kyla during I was working as make-up artist a few years ago. She is having her second baby and the baby will be born soon at beginning of next year.

Mathew is very good husband and a kind, gentle father. He was very enjoying to have photo with his family.

Rowen is 3 years of and he is very adorable and lovely child. He is always smile and actually he know how to smile when we are taking photos. It was really fun and I already miss him so much.

He was playing at our make-up and dress room.

Kyla & Methew also had great love photos from us.

He can not wait to see his second baby.

It was great time with Kyla and Methew and Rowen


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