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What is pre-wedding photoshoot and How to proceed Pre-wedding/engagement photoshoot in Vancouver.

Here is how we proceed our pre-wedding / engagement photo shoot.

What is pre-wedding photoshoot?

Pre-wedding photoshoot is different from engagement photoshoot. Simply it is a pre-shoot with photographer about 3-6 months before your wedding.

In Asia, it is common to take a pre-wedding photo shoot with makeup and wedding dress and tuxedo, not with your casual outfits. Pre-wedding photoshoot is more flexible with different locations and time as wedding day is quite busy and tight schedule with ceremony and receptions.

The Eunice and Co provides pre-wedding package include photo, makeup/hair, rental wedding dresses and tuxedo as a one-stop wedding service provider.

It is great chance to get to know your photographer and they can get to know you as a couple.

You don't need spend extra money for trial makeup because you will have a plenty of time to discuss with our makeup artist about your preferences. You can try different style of wedding dresses so you will see what is best wedding dress on you.

You will have great photos that you can show your guests on your wedding day. Our clients usually make a wedding album or frame. Also, you can make a slide show to play on screen at venue.

It is not easy to pose and has fears of getting photographed in public, but we will give you direction of poses and how to pose so you will be more comfortable once you get used to it.

What packages do we provide with pre-wedding package?

We do 3 different packages for pre-wedding photoshoot.

1. Indoor

2. Outdoor

3. Indoor and Outdoor

We do have our beautiful indoor studio in Gastown.

You can have different scenes from our studio.

You can have beautiful photos from rooftop with sunset, bed, standard studio scenes, etc. It is depending on your preferences. We usually discuss with our clients before photoshoot, such as locations, style of photos, style of makeup and hair.

We are located at Gastown, so it is easy to access to most beautiful locations in downtown in Vancouver.

Most popular locations are Gastown, Stanley park, Canada place, Coal harbour, etc.

Our pre-wedding session normally takes from 5-9 hours depending on how many dresses and locations.

We customize or create your package depending on your vision and budgets.

So, please feel free to contact us if you are interested in our pre-wedding package with details.

Please check our sample photos for 2020 S/S here:


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